Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Luke 24:4-12

Luke 24:4-12
And it happened in their hesitation regarding this thing.  And behold!  Two men stood near to them in clothing while flashing like lightning.  And after they became terrified, bending their faces down into the ground, they said to them, “Why do you all seek the one who lives with the dead ones?  He is not here, but He was being raised.  Remember as He called out to you all yet while being in Galilee, saying, “Since it is necessary for the Son of Man to be handed over into the hands of sinful mankind, to be crucified, and by the third day to stand up.”  And they were remembering His sayings. And after turning back from the tomb, they reported all these things to the eleven and to all the remaining ones.  And Mary Magdalene, Joanna, Mary – the one of James, and the remaining ones were with them.  They were saying to the apostles these things.  And these sayings were being shone in their presence as if idle talk, and they were unbelieving to them.  And after Peter stood up he ran upon the tomb and after stooping over to see he sees only the pieces of linen.  And he departed while marveling to himself the things that has become.

Thoughts for Today

First Thought:

The women continue into the tomb.  The stone had been rolled away.  As we said yesterday, God opened up the door for a new ministry that they could not foresee.  They become afraid as God opens a new door.  They meet God’s messengers who begin to unveil God’s plan for them.  The reality is that God does open up new doors.  He does send people into our midst to reveal His plan.  Sometimes this message does frighten us or cause us to doubt.  This is natural and important for us to understand.  When God is unveiling His plan to these women, they experience fear and unknown.

When have you experienced God unveiling His plan in your life?  Has that ever caused you to experience fear of the unknown?

Second Thought:

Once God’s messengers convince the women about the truth of Jesus, they remember that what they are saying is consistent with Jesus’ words.  Jesus had told them that He would be raised up from the dead after dying.  When the women finally figure it out, they go out and do the work of God with incredible pleasure.  They run to the other disciples to share God’s Good News.  Their fear of the unknown is quickly replaced with confidence and excitement.

Have you ever been afraid to do something new?  Have you ever experienced that fear be replaced by excitement as you figure out the new thing?  What is it in your life that helps the fear be turned into excitement?

Third Thought:

The women aren’t the only ones who don’t understand.  The women go to the disciples and share the news.  The only problem is that the disciples doubt.  They don’t understand.  They think the women are just sharing idle gossip.  They struggle to grasp what is going on.  Peter wrestles with it so much that he needs to and see for himself.  He can’t believe the women until he sees with his own eyes.  Then he is willing to believe.

Have you ever doubted someone who is telling you good news?  Why is it easy to doubt when people are telling us good things?

Passage for Tomorrow: Luke 24:4-12
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