Friday, September 16, 2016

Luke 22:63-65

Luke 22:63-65
And the men who held onto Him were mocking Him while scourging Him.  After covering His face they were interrogating Him while saying, “Prophesy, who are the ones who strike you?”  And they were saying many other things while blaspheming into him.

Thoughts for Today

First Thought:

The soldiers who had arrested Jesus were holding onto Him.  They weren’t willing to let Him go.  Again, I find the juxtaposition neat.  Judas handed Jesus over.  Peter has thrice refused to associate with Jesus.  Yet, these soldiers refuse to let go of Him.  When the world has its way in our life, it isn’t afraid to seize what is truly important and drive us away from those very important things.

What in your life is truly important?  How does the world try to seize such things and drive us away from them?

Second Thought:

The soldiers also scourge Jesus.  Jesus endured horrific persecution on our behalf.  He wasn’t just crucified, although that would have been enough.  He was scourged.  He was beaten.  He was humiliated.  He was physically tortured to within an inch of His life.  However, He did it so that we could know relationship with Him.

Are you ever amazed at the depth that God will descend in order to have relationship with us?  Why do you think Jesus is able to endure this human torture?

Third Thought:

The soldiers mock Jesus.  They put a barrier over His eyes and then mock Him as they would mock a prophet.  These soldiers feel as though they have the power and control.  As they mock Him, they find that their own pride and arrogance swells.  This is the way of life for people who seek power and control over others.

Have you ever been mocked?  If so, what was it over?  How did you endure it?  What was the purpose of the mocking in the life of those who mocked you?

Passage for Tomorrow: Luke 22:66-71
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