Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Luke 24:1-3

Luke 24:1-3
And by the first moment of the Sabbath – very early in the morning – they came upon the tomb while bringing what spices they prepared.  And they found the stone having been rolled away from the tomb.  And after going in they did not find the body of the Lord Jesus.

Thoughts for Today

First Thought:

These are committed women.  They are coming at daybreak to the tom once the Sabbath is over.  They don’t want to violate their religious sensibilities, especially since the Sabbath was a law ordained by God.  But they also didn’t want to dishonor Jesus and what He meant in their life.  They come as soon as they can.  Their focus is clear.  Their response to Jesus’ death isn’t embarrassment or abandonment.  Their response to Jesus’ death is still obedience.

What point do you think that Luke is trying to make about the obedience of the women?  What role do you think their gender is playing in Luke’s recollection of the story?

Second Thought:

The stone has been moved.  They don’t know it yet, but God took care of their need.  He paved the way for them to get their work done.  When God calls us, He makes His work possible.  We can count on God.

Where have you been able to count on God?  Where is God calling you and opening doors for the work of the kingdom?  Do you live like you can trust Him?

Third Thought:

The women don’t find Jesus.  Naturally, they don’t realize what is going on.  However, God is opening up their eyes to the fact that the act to which they believed they had been called is not the act to which God is calling them.  The Father doesn’t want them to prepare His dead Son’s body.  He has something far greater for them to accomplish.  God often works like this. We think we know the mind of God.  But often God opens doors that we can’t foresee being opened.  It is important for us to continue to have an open mind.

Are you willing to be open to the Father?  When have you set out to do one act of obedience for God and found yourself having to adjust to a new plan?

Passage for Tomorrow: Luke 24:4-12
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