Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Luke 22:47-53

Luke 22:47-53
Even while He calls out, behold!  A crowd comes.  And the one who is being called Judas – one of the Twelve – was coming to them.  He approached Jesus to kiss him.  And Jesus said, “Judas, by a kiss do you hand over the Son of Man?” And after they saw the thing that will be regarding Him, they said, “Lord, will we strike out in a large knife?”  And one out of them stuck the slave of the high priest and he cut off his right ear.  And answering, Jesus said, “Suffer unto this thing.”  After touching the ear, He healed him.  And Jesus said to the high priests, scribes, and elders who arrived upon him, “As upon a robber do you all go out with large knives and clubs? According to the day, while I am with you all in the temple, you all did not stretch out the hands upon me.  But this is your hour and the authority of darkness.”

Thoughts for Today

First Thought:

The religious leaders finally come.  They come with a mob.  They come with Judas.  Their plan comes together with all of their planning.  They look like they are in control, until Jesus reveals to Judas that He already knows what he has come to do.  Even in the moments when people rise up and come against God, He is still in control.

When do you try to rise up and challenge God’s authority?  How does God show you that He is still in control in your life?

Second Thought:

The disciples plan to defend themselves.  Naturally, this shows that they don’t understand the greater plan of God.  However, it also shows a loyalty to Jesus.  Granted, their loyalty is misguided and irrational.  But it does show loyalty.  The disciples were willing to fight for Jesus in the moment.  They were willing to challenge the authority of the religious leaders.  So often we focus on the disciples fleeing – and we’ll get to that soon enough.  Always remember, though.  Before they flee, they are willing to fight.  Jesus’ disciples are loyal to Him.

Where does your loyalty rest?  Are you willing to fight for your faith?  Are you willing to die for your faith?

Third Thought:

Jesus’ point at the end of this passage is deeply profound.  He clearly states that the religious leaders were with Him day in and day out.  Almost His whole ministry there have been religious leaders spying upon Him.  In the past few days especially, the religious were always around as He was teaching the crowd.  Yet, they did not arrest Him.  They waited until the night to come to Him.  They moved and acted in the night, when seedy actions take place.  They are showing their character.  Things done in the night are done because we are trying to hide them from the light.  These religious leaders are figuratively – and literally – hiding from the light of God as they go about their business.  Their character shows through.

Do you do things where others can see your actions and see you pointing to God?  How often do you do things you would rather hide from others?

Passage for Tomorrow: Luke 22:54-62
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