Monday, September 5, 2016

Luke 21:29-33

Luke 21:29-33
And He said a parable to them, “See the fig tree and all the trees.  Whenever they should put forth sprouts now, seeing this you all know from them that the summer is presently near.  Similarly, also you all – when you all should see these things becoming - know that the kingdom of God is near.  Truly I say to you all that this generation should surely not pass by until all things should become.  Heaven and Earth will pass by, but my words will surely not pass by.

Thoughts for Today

First Thought:

Jesus gives us a very interesting perspective on looking towards the end of time.  Notice how Jesus tells us that nature knows the change in season and human beings pick up on the cues that nature gives.  Jesus is making sure that we understand this pattern.  Nature will know when the Son of God is coming, too.  The sky and the heavens will give us signs.  When we see cataclysmic events happening, we should recognize the coming of the Son.

Are you aware of the clues that Jesus gives us regarding the end of time?  How can knowing Jesus’ words on this point keep us from getting sucked into false understanding about the coming of the Lord?

Second Thought:

Please note, once more we see Jesus reminding us that it isn’t human war and human initiated violence that will tell us about the end.  It is natural disturbances of cataclysmic proportion that will signal the end.  We as human beings can’t signal the end.  God and His power over nature will be the signal.

Why is it important that human beings understand our place in creation?  Why is it significant that we believe and teach that God will initiate His judgment rather than teach that it depends on us and our violence upon one another?

Third Thought:

In this passage, however, Jesus reminds us where our focus should be.  God’s Word will not pass away.  Heaven and earth will pass away, but His Word will not pass away.  The earth around us may go berserk.  Human civilization may fall further and further into violence and corruption.  But so long as we are in God, we cannot be taken out of His promise.  We cannot be taken out of His hand.  That is His promise to us.  No matter what happens around us, His Word – His promise of eternal life with Him – will never pass away.

What does salvation mean to you?  Do you find it easy to trust in God’s Word?  What makes it easy?  What makes it difficult to put our trust in God and His Word?

Passage for Tomorrow: Luke 21:34-38
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