Thursday, September 8, 2016

Luke 22:7-13

Luke 22:7-13
And the day of the Unleavened Bread came in which it was necessary for the Passover lamb to be sacrificed.  And He sent Peter and John after saying, “After journeying, prepare for us the Passover in order that we should eat.”  And they said to him, “Where do you desire we should prepare it?”  And He said to them, “Look.  After you go into the city a man will encounter you all while carrying an earthenware vessel of water.  Follow him into the house into which he goes.  And say to the master of the house: the teacher says to you – where is the inn where I should eat the Passover with my disciples?  And that one will demonstrate to you all a great upper room.  Prepare it there.”  And after departing they found it just as He had said to them and they prepared the Passover.

Thoughts for Today

First Thought:

I am not sure how deeply we should read the word “necessary” in Luke’s opening verse.  On a very surface level, Passover was a necessary celebration.  In order to have Passover, it is indeed necessary for a Passover Lamb to be slaughtered.  I know that much is absolutely true and we should read into it that much.  However, we are about to read the story of the Passover.  This is a story in which Jesus makes a comparison between Himself and the Passover lamb.  Therefore, I do think that when Luke says, “in which it was necessary for the Passover Lamb to be sacrificed,” I do believe that he is speaking at least partially about Jesus!  The time came for Jesus’ sacrifice for our behalf.  Jesus didn’t shrink away from that calling because it was necessary for our salvation!

Do you think of Jesus in terms of necessary?  What does it mean to you to realize that He endured the cross because it was necessary?

Second Thought:

Notice that Jesus sends out Peter and John.  These are two of Jesus’ most trusted disciples.  These are two of the disciples that have spent the most time with Jesus.  Jesus gives them instructions and believes that they can do the job.  Yes, they are human.  In fact, they even show their humanity in this passage by having to ask Jesus for an explanation about how they should go about the task!  But Jesus still trusts them.  The same is true for each of us.  Jesus trusts each of us with tasks that in truth we’re not really the ones who should be trusted.  But He believes we can do it when we remember to let go of our humanity and turn to Him and allow Him to lead us and guide us.

Do you trust Jesus?  Does Jesus trust you?  Where in your life is Jesus trusting you to go about the work of the kingdom?

Third Thought:

Peter and John find everything as Jesus says it should be.  They find the man.  They find the place.  They prepare the Passover.  They are faithful.  More importantly, God’s Word is faithful.  When Jesus says something will be, it is.  When we obey the calling of our Lord, what God desires to be accomplished will be accomplished.

Where are you obedient?  Where in your life has obedience brought about God’s will?

Passage for Tomorrow: Luke 22:14-22
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