Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Luke 22:39-46

Luke 22:39-46
And after going out He journeyed according to the rite into the mountain of olives, and the disciples also followed with Him.  And after becoming upon the place He said to them, “Pray to not go into a trial.”  And He was being drawn away from them as if a throw of a stone.  And after placing His knees upon the ground He was praying, saying, “Father, if you wish, carry this cup past me.  But not my will – rather yours become.  And an angel from heaven was seen by Him, invigorating Him.  And after becoming in agony, He was praying fervently.  And His sweat became as if clots of blood while coming down upon the earth.  And after standing from the prayer, after He comes to the disciples, He found them while sleeping from the distress.  And He said to them, “Why do you all sleep?  After standing up, pray in order that you all should not go into a trial.”

Thoughts for Today

First Thought:

Jesus goes out to the Mount of Olives as was His custom.  This is yet another place that we can see the will of God.  Remember that Judas has already agreed to hand Jesus over.  Jesus is aware of this fact.  If Jesus didn’t want to be arrested, He could have easily gone somewhere else to pray.  Jesus goes to where He accustomed to going so that Judas could find Him.  The plan of the Father – the plan for Jesus to die – will happen.  This isn’t about Judas’ will or the will of the religious elite.  This is about the will of the Father.

What does it say about God that He is willing to go into the dark places in life?  What does it say about God that He is willing to die?  How does this help us when we are in a dark place in our life?

Second Thought:

Jesus goes and prays fervently.  This is also important because it shows us God’s humanity at work within His divinity.  Yes, this is happening because of the will of the Father.  God is certainly in control.  But that doesn’t mean that it is easy.  Jesus suffered.  Even knowing that it would end in the resurrection, Jesus still struggles emotionally with this course of action.

How can this scenario help us when we struggle in life?  Even though we know that life will end with the beginning of life eternal, why do we still struggle with the stress, pressure, and pain we find in this world?

Third Thought:

Jesus submits to the will of the Father.  He knows that the Father is capable to hold onto His life.  Jesus knows that the Father can make all things work out for good.  Jesus knows that God’s ways are always best.  Even though this situation is difficult, Jesus still submits.  If we truly trust in an omnipotent God, we should be able to imitate Jesus and submit to the good will of the Father.

Do you submit easily?  What makes submission to God difficult?  What makes submission to God easy?

Passage for Tomorrow: Luke 22:47-53
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