Thursday, September 29, 2016

Luke 24:13-16

Luke 24:13-16
And behold!  That same day, two out of them were traveling into a village named Emmaus, being a full sixty stadia from Jerusalem.  And they were conversing with one another regarding all the things that have come out of these days.  And it happened – in the midst of their conversing and inquiry – after Jesus himself drew near He was accompanying them.  And their eyes were being restrained to not discern Him.

Thoughts for Today

First Thought:

The disciples talk as they walk.  They can’t believe what they have seen in the past week.  They saw Jesus welcomed and celebrated.  They saw Jesus teach.  They experienced the Passover with Him.  Then they saw Jesus get arrested.  They saw Him die.  And then they heard that His body couldn’t be found because He was raised from the dead.  (We’ll hear that they know this in tomorrow’s reading)  They needed to talk to one another to process what happened, to share their excitement, and to confirm their thinking with one another.  This shows that we are social beings. We need one another to process the world around us, to expand our perspective, and to truly navigate our life.

Who do you process your life with?  Where do you go to confirm your thoughts or gain wisdom?  Who comes to you to process their life and gain wisdom?

Second Thought:

Jesus comes among them.  Jesus does not leave His disciples abandoned.  He promises to be with us, and even a few hours after the resurrection He is living out that very promise.  He is trustworthy and reliable.

What does the reliability of Jesus mean to you?  Where has Jesus walked with you through life?

Third Thought:

Their eyes were being restrained so as to not perceive Jesus.  In other words, they were unable to recognize Jesus.  Why would they be unable to recognize Jesus?  Sometimes the goal is not the destination but the journey.  God wants to teach these disciples a lesson, and to accomplish this lesson He needs them to not understand that Jesus is among them until the time is right.  In this we see that God is a master teacher. He knows how to reveal things in the right order to teach the lesson that needs to be taught.  He knows how to portray the information in such a way as to draw in His disciples.

How has God revealed Himself as a master teacher in your life?  How can you learn to imitate this aspect of God?

Passage for Tomorrow: Luke 24:17-24
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