Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Luke 21:1-4

Luke 21:1-4
And after looking up he saw the ones who throw their wealthy gifts into the treasury.  And he saw some poor widow while throwing two thin things there.  And he said, “Truly I say to you all that this poor widow threw much more than all.  For all these threw out of the things that are excess to them into the gifts.  But this one threw out of her poverty – all the life that she was having.”

Thoughts for Today

First Thought:

Once more we see Jesus look around to use His context to teach.  Here is a master teacher at work.  Jesus can take a poor widow and turn it into a life-lesson.  Jesus can overlook people and turn that into a life-lesson, too.

Who are the master teachers in your life?  In what ways do they help you see the imitation of Christ?  How can you learn to be a master teacher?

Second Thought:

Jesus isn’t impressed by the big gifts of the wealthy.  Their incredible generosity is next to nothing to Him.  They don’t become His test-case scenario.  They don’t become His model example to be lifted up for teaching.  Their big gifts don’t involve sacrifice.  Their big gifts don’t look like Christ.  Jesus didn’t come to give what was comfortable.  He didn’t come to give until it might hurt.  Jesus came to give His whole life.  He is looking for people who can model this behavior as well.

Are you impressed by quantity?  How is this story truly about quality instead of quantity?  Do you feel that the world is impressed by quantity instead of quality?  Why?

Third Thought:

The woman gave all that she had.  It isn’t how much she threw; it is what she threw.  Jesus isn’t looking for followers who are willing to give a part of their life.  He isn’t looking for people who will find time to put God’s ways on when it is convenient.  Jesus is looking for disciples who are willing to sacrifice the whole life.  He wants people who are willing to go full in.  He is looking for people who, like Him, are willing to sacrifice everything in their pursuit of accomplishing God’s calling.  That’s what this woman represents to Jesus.

Are you willing to give it all?  What does that look like to you?  Do you have limits to your natural sacrificial self that cause you to pause and struggle to exceed?  How might you overcome such barriers?

Passage for Tomorrow: Luke 21:5-9
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