Friday, August 26, 2016

Luke 20:27-33

Luke 20:27-33
And after some of the Sadducees – the ones who say antagonistically that the resurrection is not to be – interrogated him while saying, “Teacher, Moses wrote to us that if the brother of someone should die while having a woman – and this one should be childless –that the brother should take his woman and he should raise up a seed to his brother.  Therefore, there were seven brothers.  And after the first takes a woman he died childless. And the second and the third took her.  And similarly also the seven did not leave behind children and they died.  And subsequently the woman died.  Therefore, the woman – in the resurrection – to which of them does the woman become?  For the seven had her as woman.” 

Thoughts for Today

First Thought:

Here comes another trap.  We can tell that Luke wants us to read this passage as a trap because he goes out of his way to make sure we understand that the Sadducees teach that the resurrection is not a real thing.  Yet, they come and ask a question about the resurrection!  Luke’s point is clear.  People are not above hypocrisy when they want to be the victor.  People will go to all kinds of lengths, especially saying something to seem as though they believe the opposite of what they actually believe.

When have you had to deal with the hypocrisy of others?  Have you ever had someone assert something just to get you to respond, only to find out that they actually believed the opposite of their own assertion?  Why will people do this?

Second Thought:

Furthermore, look at the fact that the Sadducees try to use God’s Word in their ploy.  They bring up the Law in their attempt to trick Jesus.  Now, there are plenty of ways that the Law can be used.  It is absolutely possible that the Law can be used as a means for us to understand a historical society.  The law can be used to teach us how to behave.  The Law can be used to expose our own sinfulness.  The Law can certainly be used to point us to Christ and our need for Him.  However, the Law should not be used in a deceptive attempt to entrap someone!  God’s Word is not a tool in our hand to accomplish our own devices.  God’s Law is a tool in His hand to accomplish His own will.  Just as people will not be afraid to misuse words to get their way, people will not be afraid to misuse ideas, teaching, and even objects in unintended ways so long as they are able to win.

Have you ever seen a person take a thought or idea out of its context in order to win a point?  Why is this dangerous?  Have you ever seen a person willing to trespass upon the sanctity of something in order to use it for their own purposed?  Why do people do this?

Third Thought:

Each of these points helps us really understand the flaw of the Sadducees.  They are focused on the wrong thing.  They want to win.  They want to get rid of Jesus.  They want to remain in power and n control.  They want to dispose of this upstart.  Because their focus is on the wrong thing, they completely miss an opportunity to hear truth.  They aren’t even open to the idea that the resurrection might just be a real thing.  Their own preconceptions cause them to be blind and closed in mind.

Where do your preconceptions blind you?  Where are you efforts in the kingdom blocked by the preconceptions of others around you?

Passage for Tomorrow: Luke 20:34-40
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