Saturday, August 13, 2016

Luke 19:11-14

Luke 19:11-14
Hearing this, He furthermore spoke another parable because Jerusalem was near to Him and because they were thinking that the kingdom of God was about to appear immediately.  Therefore, He said, “A well-born man went away into a distant country to take a kingdom for himself and then to return.  After calling ten of his slaves, he gave ten minas to them and said to them, ‘Go engage in business until I come.’  And his citizens were hating him, and they sent a message after him saying, ‘We do not desire this man to be a king upon us.’”

Thoughts for Today

First Thought:

This parable begins to correct and opinion that the people around Him had.  Jesus taught parables for many reasons, but this is the most common reason.  Jesus challenges us through parables.  Jesus wants to change us through parables.  Jesus wants to bring us closer to Him through parables.  Jesus shows us how to imitate Him through parables.  Parables are so much more than a simple attempt to explain Himself.  Parables are ways for Jesus to bring huge amounts of challenge into our life.

How have parables challenged you in your life?  Do you know any people in your life or authors you read who are skilled at challenging through parables?

Second Thought:

In this parable we see a king going away to extend His kingdom.  But you will notice that in his absence, he gives the slaves some business to accomplish.  In other words, just because God is working hard in another area of the world doesn’t mean that He has nothing for us to do here!  There is always work to do in the kingdom.  There are relationships to maintain.  There are people to get to know and draw close to God.  While God is working in other parts of the world trying to win kingdoms for Himself, we have work to do here, too!

What work can you do in the kingdom of God that He has built here?  When you do this work, what is your typical attitude?

Third Thought:

The man goes away, and His citizens reject him.  They don’t want Him as king over them.  Again, this is true with God.  Just because God works in a place doesn’t mean that His people always accept Him.  Just because God’s Word is known in a place doesn’t mean that there isn’t rebellion and people falling away from Him.  We see this all throughout the Old Testament as His people reject Him.  We see this all throughout modern history, too.  This is why it is important to remember that there is always work to do, even in the places that God has already claimed for Him.

Do you see the rejection of God around you?  Where do you see work around you that you can accomplish with respect to people rejecting God?

Passage for Tomorrow: Luke 19:11-14
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