Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Luke 19:33-36

Luke 19:33-36
And while they were freeing the colt, its lords said to them, “Why do you free the colt?”  And they said, “Because the Lord has a need of it.”  And they led it to Jesus.  And after throwing their outer cloaks upon it, they sat Jesus upon it.  And while He departed they were spreading their cloaks upon the road.

Thoughts for Today

First Thought:

We can tell that there is something big at work.  Some theologians have speculated that Jesus had set up an arrangement with the owners of the colt, so that when Jesus sent His disciples they would let it go.  After all, Jesus did make arrangements for the use of a room during the Lord’s Supper; it isn’t unreasonable for Him to make arrangements for the use of the colt.  Other people simply assert that these owners of the colt had a reverence for Jesus and were willing to let it go.  In either case, we see a larger plan at work.  People are playing the role that God appointed them to play.  They are willing participants, desiring to accomplish what God has asked of them.

Where do you have such willingness in your life?  When you accomplish what God has asked of you, what feelings are evoked within?

Second Thought:

This theme of obedience carries back through to the disciples.  They get the colt.  They tell the owners what Jesus said.  They lead the colt to Him.  All of these things are great signs of obedience.  They aren’t out there freelancing.  They are out in the world improvising.  They are obedient to the call of their Lord.

Where do you see obedience within you?  When you think about obedience, what emotions do you feel?

Third Thought:

Finally, we see the triumphal entry begin.  Jesus begins to depart, and the people start throwing cloaks into the road.  This is a clear sign of honor and respect.  The people want Jesus to know that they are willing to make a sacrifice for His benefit.  They want Him to feel their support.  They are looking forward to what they think it will look like when Jesus demonstrates that He is the Messiah.  Their intentions are good, if not a bit misguided in their understanding.

Where have you been excited by God’s work around you?  When have you been excited enough to sacrifice your comfort in order to give gloryand honor to God?

Passage for Tomorrow: Luke 19:37-40
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