Thursday, August 11, 2016

Luke 19:5-6

Luke 19:5-6
And as He came upon the place, after Jesus looked up He said to him, “Zacchaeus, after hurrying, come down!  For this day, in your house, it is necessary for me to remain.”  And after hurrying, he came down.  And he received him while rejoicing.

Thoughts for Today

First Thought:

Jesus notices people.  I can only imagine how easily it would be to miss a person, especially when you are like Jesus and typically surrounded by a crowd looking to capture your focus.  Jesus doesn’t miss Zacchaeus.  He knows Zacchaeus’ heart.  He knows his passion.  He knows his desire.  God doesn’t miss a cue and an open door when we give it to Him.  He knows where we need Him to be.
Where has God noticed your attempts to get His attention?  Do you genuinely believe that God is looking forward to meeting you in your life?

Second Thought:

Notice that Jesus places emphasis on to things.  First of all, Zacchaeus needs to hurry up and come down.  In other words, once Jesus comes to meet us, there is no reason to delay.  The other thing that Jesus emphasizes is the necessity for Him to stay with Zacchaeus.  I think there is a literal and spiritual emphasis.  As for the literal, as I said yesterday, Jesus wants to make a point that He will spent time with both the named and the unnamed.  As for the spiritual, I think Jesus is telling Zacchaeus that it truly is necessary for Him to dwell with us.  We don’t just meet Him and watch Him walk away.  We meet Him so He can dwell with us.

Do you hurry to meet Jesus in your life?  What can get in your way?  Does Jesus dwell with you?  How does this show in your life?

Third Thought:

Zacchaeus responds.  Zacchaeus listens.  He obeys Jesus.  But the real kicker here is that he does so with joy.  Zacchaeus listens to Jesus with a glad heart.  Meeting the Lord and obeying Him should bring joy into our life.

Do you have joy in your life when you obey God?  How ready are you to respond to Christ?

Passage for Tomorrow: Luke 19:7-10
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