Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Luke 19:28-32

Luke 19:28-32
And after saying these things He was departing from them while going up into Jerusalem.  And it became as He drew near to Bethphage and Bethany, near the Mount that is being called Olives, He sent two of His disciples, saying, “Go over to the village opposite us.  In entering there, you will find a colt having been bound, upon whom nothing of man has ever been sat.  And after freeing it, bring it.  And if someone should ask you, ‘Why do you free it?’ you will utter this, ‘Because the Lord has a need of it.’”  And after departing, the ones who have been sent found it as He said to them.

Thoughts for Today

First Thought:

After teaching, Jesus leaves.  After teaching, Jesus sticks to the plan.  I’m sure Jesus could have stayed with Zacchaeus for quite some time had he wanted to do so.  I’m sure Jesus could have continued to talk to the crowds and impress them with His teaching.  But that isn’t what Jesus is about.  Jesus is obedient.  He knows His time is coming.  He does rebel.  He doesn’t drag His feet.  He doesn’t resist.  He doesn’t try to go a different way.  He obeys.  He puts His face towards Jerusalem and embraces His future.

What does this tell us about the character and nature of God?  How can this inspire you in your life?

Second Thought:

Jesus gives direction to His disciples.  He tells them what to expect.  He tells them what to do.  He doesn’t leave things to chance.  When we choose to follow Jesus, He will give us direction.  We can know how He wants us to live.  We can follow His example.  We can explain ourselves to the people around us.  When we follow Jesus, we can walk in a path that He has already foreseen and told us how to walk.

How do you hear from Christ?  How do you hear and feel His direction within your life?

Third Thought:

The disciples who had been sent found it as Jesus said.  In other words, Jesus knows what is going on.  Things are happening according to God’s plan.  This story is the beginning of the end of the story.  But the story is unfolding as God expects.  This event should help us see that while God looks like the victim, He is a willing participant in the plan of God.  Jesus is the victim of an incredible act of human aggression.  But He is a willing victim because He knows God is in charge.  This story sets the tone for us that no matter what happens through the evilness of mankind, God is in charge.

Do you ever find things as God says they will be?  Where within yourself does this happen?  Where outside of yourself does this happen?

Passage for Tomorrow: Luke 19:33-36
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