Saturday, August 20, 2016

Luke 19:45-48

Luke 19:45-48
And after going into the temple He began to cast out the ones who sell, saying to them, “It has been written, even my house will be a house of prayer.  And you all made it a den of robbers.”  And He was while teaching according to a day in the temple.  And the high priests, scribes, and first among the people were seeking to destroy Him.  And they were not finding the thing that they should do, for all the people earnestly and attentively listened while hearing him.

Thoughts for Today

First Thought:

The first place that Jesus goes is to the temple.  Of course this is the first place to go!  Where would expect the Son of God to go except to His Father’s house?  Jesus goes to commune with the Father.  He goes to model His focus upon the Father for His disciples.  The focus of Jesus is on the Father, as it should be with all of us.

Where is your focus?  When are you most focused on the Father?  What examples do you draw upon when looking to focus on the Father?

Second Thought:

Unfortunately, Jesus also knows what He is getting into in the temple.  What He wants to find is a place to worship and commune with the Father.  What He finds is a place for human beings to take advantage of travelers, foreigners, and other people coming to the temple.  He finds people who are willing to rob one another for their own personal gain.  He finds people who take advantage of others.  Jesus drives out the offenders.  Jesus goes to commune with the Father.  Before that can happen, He needs to clean house.

Have you seen people willing to use other people unfairly for personal gain?  Have you ever used other people unfairly for your own personal gain?  Why does this happen?  What can you do to avoid seeing other people as a means for unfair personal gain?

Third Thought:

Jesus’ actions do not bring favor.  In fact, His pursuit of the Father and the Father’s ways brings scorn.  The high priests and other religious leaders seek to put Him away once and forever.  Sometimes when we pursue the Father, we upset the people around us.  When that happens, that doesn’t necessarily mean that we have done anything wrong.  It is entirely possible that we will have to face the decision to follow God or please the people around us.  In those moments, we know where we stand and where our loyalties are.  Jesus clearly chooses the ways of the Father.

Are you willing to choose the ways of the Father, even if it means the scorn of the people around you?  How willing would you be to forfeit your life or livelihood to follow God?

Passage for Tomorrow: Luke 20:1-8
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