Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Acts 4:8-12

Acts 4:8-12
Then Peter – after being filled of the Holy Spirit – said to them, “Rulers of the people and elders: if we are today being closely examined upon a good deed of a weak man in what this one has been saved, let it be known to you all and to all the people of Israel that in the name of Jesus Christ the Nazarene – who you all crucified, who God raised out of the dead – in this name this one has presented in sound health in your presence.  This one is the stone that was being treated with contempt by you builders, the one who became into a head of a corner.  And there is no other salvation, for neither is another name under heaven – the one that has been given in mankind – in which it is necessary for us to be saved. 

Thoughts for Today:

First Thought:

Peter is filled with the Holy Spirit.  I think far too many people in American Christianity don’t give this any heed.  We think we are all filled with the Holy Spirit … but there is a difference.  When Peter is filled with the Holy Spirit he doesn’t care about the possibility of death and he certainly doesn’t care who he offends with the truth.  When Peter is filled with the Holy Spirit there is no holding him back.  A person filled with the Holy Spirit doesn’t question God or act in hesitation.  They do; and they do with conviction.

Looking at his example, how often can you claim to have without a doubt seen the Holy Spirit at work in people – or even yourself?

Second Thought:

Peter makes a point to tell the Jewish leaders that the name used was from a person that they had killed.  This is far more than just “guilt” at play.  Yes, Peter wants them to think about what they did and feel the guilt for crucifying Jesus.  But He also wants them to realize that if this Jesus has healed people, brought people back from the dead, and has the power to heal from beyond the grave then this Jesus must have been killed by them by His own will.  Peter’s point is that Jesus died because He let Himself be killed.  They need to think about the kind of power that Jesus possesses and the humbleness with which He yields that power.

How does this passage humble you as you look to follow Christ?

Third Thought:

There is no salvation found in anyone but Jesus.  None.  Nobody else.  No other path to eternal life but through Jesus.

How much work do we have to do if we really believe this?

Passage for Tomorrow: Acts 4:13-18
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