Thursday, January 26, 2012

Acts 4:19-22

Acts 4:19-22
And after Peter and John answered they said to them, “If it is righteous in the presence of God to hear you or God, judge.  For we are not powerful enough to not call out what we heard and saw.”  And the ones who uttered additional threats set them free while finding nothing in how they should chastise them – for the sake of the people – since all were glorifying God upon the thing that has become.  For the man upon whom this sign of healing had become was as much as forty years old.

Thoughts for Today:

First Thought:

Sometimes you just have to make an enemy.  It’s a sad day when there is no course of action besides making an enemy, but sometimes you just have to do it.  Peter and John tell the Sanhedrin where they stand and let the Sanhedrin react to their decision.  Since God has greater plans for them, their boldness doesn’t end in death as it could have.

Peter and John are definitely backed into a corner and get confrontational.  Are there other times to be confrontational?  How do we know when to take a peaceful tactic or take an argumentative tactic?

Second Thought:

The Sanhedrin shows their true colors once more in this passage.  They don’t act because they are afraid of the people, losing power, or losing prestige.  They don’t punish Peter and John as they punished Jesus because they could not get the crowd on their side.  Fearing revolt – and Roman intervention – they release Peter and John.

How often do we not do what we think we should because of how other people will respond?  When is this a good thing?  When is this a bad thing?

Third Thought:

The crowds see the miracle and are free to respond to it.  The miracle reminds them about God and God’s power.  The miracle reminds them that they are in relationship with God.

What does this passage say to us about the true motivation behind God’s miracles?  Is a miracle done just to fix someone’s problem or is there a greater issue at work here?

Passage for Tomorrow: Acts 4:23-28
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