Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Acts 4:13-18

Acts 4:13-18
And while watching the boldness of speech of Peter and John and after grasping that they are illiterate men and laymen, they were amazed and they were discerning them that they were with Jesus.  And while seeing the man with them – having sat the one having been healed – they were having nothing to speak against.  And after ordering them to depart outside the Sanhedrin they were meeting together with one another while saying, “What should we do to these men?  Since for in one case a sign has become known and apparent through them to all the ones who inhabit Jerusalem and we are not powerful enough to deny it.  But in order that not upon many it should be spread abroad into the people we should threaten them to no longer call out upon this name to any men.  And after calling them out they commanded them altogether to not emit speech in teaching upon the name of Jesus. 

Thoughts for Today:

First Thought:

I love the fact that the Bible goes to such lengths to talk about Peter and John as simple and uneducated people.  The Bible’s point is quite clear with this respect.  What is important is not Peter and John’s training.  What is important is the filling of the Holy Spirit that they received.  This is still true today.

If we believe that the filling of the Holy Spirit (sometimes called the indwelling of the Holy Spirit) is actually what is important, what does that do to most of the excuses we lift up for not being bold about our faith and belief in Christ?

Second Thought:

The Jewish leaders cannot argue with the fact that the lame man stood in their presence and they are afraid of what will come of their reputation among the crowds should they try to deny this miracle.

What does this tell us about why the public dynamic of our ministry is so important?  What does the public dynamic of our ministry do for us that private ministry cannot accomplish?

Third Thought:

The Sanhedrin threatens Peter and John to no longer teach about Jesus.

If you were told never to teach about Jesus publically, how would you respond?  What if you were told that if you were caught teaching about Jesus it might just cost you your life?

Passage for Tomorrow: Acts 4:19-22
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