Saturday, January 28, 2012

Acts 4:29-31

Acts 4:29-31
And the things now, Lord, look upon their threats and give to your slaves with all boldness of speech to call out your word in the thing you reach out your hand into healing, signs and wonders to become through the name of your Holy child Jesus.  And after they requested the place in which they were having been gathered shook and all were being filled of the Holy Spirit and they were calling out the word of God with boldness of speech.

Thoughts for Today:

First Thought:

Notice that the group doesn’t spend much time worrying about the threats of the Jewish leaders.  They put it into God’s hands and ask for Him to take care of them.  They trust in God to deal with the people around them.

How often do we lose momentum worrying about the things that we cannot control?  Why is it better to give things that are outside of our control (like other people’s reactions) to God?

Second Thought:

The disciples focus on their proclamation.  They know that the only thing they have control over is whether or not they are talking to people around them about Jesus Christ.  In focusing on what they are able to accomplish, they are much more likely to feel productive about their use of time and their ability to answer God’s calling for them.

Do we focus enough on proclamation today?  Could we do more?  If so, how?

Third Thought:

Notice that the people were aware of God dwelling in their life.  They could physically feel the presence of God – the Bible even says that the whole room shook!  These people were sensitive to the Holy Spirit and knew when He was among them.  Emboldened in their confidence, they went back out and proclaimed even more boldly!

How do you know when the Holy Spirit is in your midst?  Do you recognize the Holy Spirit’s power within you?  How do you use it when the Holy Spirit comes upon you? 

Passage for Tomorrow: Acts 4:32-37
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