Monday, January 16, 2012

Acts 3:4-7

Acts 3:4-7
And after Peter gazes intently into him with John he said, "See into me."  And the one was reaching out to them while anticipating to take something from them.  And Peter said, “Silver and gold do not exist to me.  But what I do have, this I give to you.  In the name of Jesus Christ the Nazarene, rise and walk around.”  And after taking hold of him – his right hand – he raised him up.  And immediately his feet and ankles were being strengthened.

Thoughts for Today:

First Thought:

The beggar is obedient.  It is important for those who are in the weaker position to be obedient to those who have the control, power, and especially authority.  The beggar obeys Peter when Peter says to look at him.  In the same way, it is important for children to obey their parents (assuming the parents are telling their children righteous things, of course).  It is important for us to obey God when He tells us something, too.

Do you think you are a particularly obedient person?  If so, why do you have an easy time obeying?  If not, what about obedience is difficult?

Second Thought:

Peter doesn’t miss out on an opportunity to introduce Jesus Christ to this beggar.  Peter didn’t come to the temple to meet this beggar, so Peter is clearly prepared even in spite of the spontaneous nature of this event.

Dow we always know when we will have an opportunity to present God to people?  Do you think we as human beings miss opportunities that God puts before us?

Third Thought:

Peter introduces Jesus Christ to this beggar in a pretty dramatic fashion.  It’s not often that we see someone who is lame just rise up and walk away.  This is why it is called a miracle.  By definition, a miracle is something that is beyond the control of mankind.

Do you think miracles make it easier or harder to explain Jesus Christ to people?  What might influence how easy or hard it is to talk about the miracle?

Passage for Tomorrow: Acts 3:8-10
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