Friday, January 27, 2012

Acts 4:23-28

Acts 4:23-28
And after being set free they came to their own and they carried back word – as much as to them the high priests and elders said.  And the ones who heard with one mind took up a sound to God and they said, “Lord, you are the one who made the heaven, the earth, the sea, and all things in them.  The one who said of our Father through the Holy Spirit of a mouth of David your child, “Why is it that nations raged and peoples gave vain painful attention?”  The kings of the earth stood near and the rulers were being gathered upon the same down from the Lord and down from his Christ.  For they were being gathered upon truth in this city upon your Holy child Jesus – who you anointed.  And Herod and Pontius Pilate with nations and peoples of Israel to do as much as your hand and your counsel ordained beforehand to become. 

Thoughts for Today:

First Thought:

Peter and John have friends.  They have close friends.  They have friends that when they come together the first thing they want to do is worship and pray to God.  Now those are some good friends.

When you come to church, or Sunday School, or Youth group, or whatever – what is your first thought?  Do you come to worship God and give Him praise?  Or do you come to socialize with friends and talk about what is going on in your life?

Second Thought:

So let’s spend a little time today thinking about the psalm that the worshiping people quote.  Why do the nations rage against God when God is clearly in control?

Let’s put this question to ourselves.  Do we always see God in control?  Do we ever rage against God?  Is there ever a good time to rage against God?

Third Thought:

The gathered worshippers speak about Jesus as the anointed one.  He is the one who accomplished the task that God preordained.  Jesus is the one that did all the hard work. 

Why is it important that once more in Acts we see the people put the focus on Jesus? 

Passage for Tomorrow: Acts 4:29-31
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