Saturday, January 14, 2012

Acts 2:46-47

Acts 2:46-47
And while daily persisting in adherence with one accord in the sacred rites and while breaking bread from house to house – they were sharing in nourishment in extreme joy and simplicity of heart, while praising God and while having grace with the whole people.  And the Lord was putting near the ones who are saved daily upon the same thing. 

Thoughts for Today:

First Thought:

Here we see one of the most important dynamics of Christian life: time.  Time is one of the most costly resources we have, and we toss it away so thoughtlessly.  The Christians in this chapter are in one another’s company and enjoying it.  They are participating in each other’s lives.  They are strong because they are experiencing each other’s company.

How easy it is to be close with someone you see every day?  How easy is it to be close with someone with whom you interact with once a month?  What can we learn from this in comparison to what we see here in Acts?

Second Thought:

The people here are thankful about what God has given them: community, food, a place to worship, etc.  God is the object of their praise and glory, not their building or the fact that they are growing.  They focus on making sure God receives the praise.

Why is it important to keep the focus on God and His glory?  What are the dangers if we don’t maintain that focus?

Third Thought:

Same third thought as yesterday.  How good am I at doing what the first followers of Christ are doing in these verses?

So today, the questions are: How good am I at remembering to be thankful about the spiritual community around me?  How good am I at even participating in that spiritual community?  How good am I at remembering to keep the focus on God?

Passage for Tomorrow: Acts 3:1-3
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