Monday, June 4, 2012

Acts 9:4-7

Summary retelling of Acts 19:4-7

Paul explains that John’s baptism was of repentance and it led to our belief in the one who is to come after John: Jesus.  These disciples are baptized in the name of Jesus.  They received the Holy Spirit and began to speak in tongues and prophesy.  There were about twelve disciples that had this experience.

Thoughts for Today
First Thought:
Paul sets the record straight.  We’ve had a lot of stories recently about people with incomplete knowledge finding other people to help make that knowledge more complete.  That is what we as Christians are about.  Take people who have a basic understand of God – or even a basic inquisitiveness about God – and teach them.

Do you think of yourself as a teacher of the faith?  Do you think God sees you that way?

Second Thought:
The disciples of John respond and become disciples of Jesus.  There is a response here.  There is action.  There is a change.  This is what conversion is about.

Do you see yourself as someone who has converted out of the world and into Christ?  What does that mean to you?

Third Thought:
The baptized people begin to speak in tongues and prophesy.  Speaking in tongues is an easy one – they begin to speak in languages different than what Paul and they had been using prior to the baptism.  Prophesying, on the other hand, we need to be clear on.  Prophesying doesn’t mean that they began to tell the future.  Prophesying means that they brought God’s Word to the people around them.  Upon their baptism, they immediately took up the mantle of bringing God’s Word to others.  That’s pretty cool when you think about it.

Do you always bring God’s Word to the people around you?  Why do you think you don’t sometimes?

Passage for Tomorrow: Acts 19:8-10
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