Thursday, June 30, 2016

Luke 13:6-9

Luke 13:6-9
And He said this parable: “Someone was having planted a fig tree in his vineyard.  And he went seeking fruit in it and he did not find any.  And He said to the keeper of the vineyard, ‘Behold.  For three years I come seeking fruit in this fig tree and I do not find any.  Cut it down.  For what reason does it deprive the land?’  But the one who answered said, ‘Lord, forgive it even this year until the time I should dig around it and throw down manure.  And if in one case it should bear fruit let it remain.  And if not, you will cut it down.’”

Thoughts for Today

First Thought:

The fig tree is the traditional metaphor for Israel.  When Jesus says that a man planted a fig tree in his vineyard, Jesus is making it clear that He is speaking about the time of the Exodus.  God brought the Hebrew people out and planted them in a place where they should have grown.  They had every reason to grow, become strong, and become faithful.  Of course, we can also apply this symbolically to us.  God has planted faith in us – a faith which we do not deserve.  But He has given us all that we need.  Our response is up to us.

How have you responded to the faith that God has given to us?  When has God shown His desire to bless you in your life?

Second Thought:

The problem is, the man in the parable comes to find fruit and he doesn’t find any.  He desires to cut down the tree.  Metaphorically speaking, Jesus is referring to the time of the exile.  Although the Hebrew people had been planted in a place where they should experience success, they fell away from God.  They were cut away from the land.  Again, we can symbolically bring this into our life.  When God looks into our life, He expects to see fruit.  When He doesn’t see fruit, He can threaten to cut us down.

Where have you been able to bear fruit?  Where have you fell short of fruit?  Where have you felt God’s conviction in your life?

Third Thought:

In the end, the keeper of the vineyard asks the master of the vineyard to give him one more year.  One more chance.  Jesus is talking about the return from exile.  The Hebrew people get another chance to follow God.  They get the opportunity to receive Christ and live according to God’s ways.  Those who receive Christ and follow Him will demonstrate the faith of the keeper of the vineyard.  Once more we can apply this to our life – although we don’t need to do it symbolically this time.  We get the same opportunity to receive Christ.  We get the same opportunity to bear fruit.  We get to display the same results that demonstrates God’s faith in our ability to fruit.

Where do you put God’s faith in you on display?  How do you feel knowing that God desired to give us multiple chances to receive His grace?

Passage for Tomorrow: Luke 13:10-17
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