Monday, June 27, 2016

Luke 12:54-56

Luke 12:54-56
And He also said to the crowds, “Whenever you should see a cloud rising up in the west, immediately you all say that a shower comes and it does become this way.  And whenever you should see the south wind blowing, you all say that a scorching heat will be, and it becomes this way.  Hypocrites!  You all have known how to discern the face of the earth and the heavens; but this present time, how do you not discern?

Thoughts for Today

First Thought:

Once more Jesus takes the time to talk to the crowds.  Jesus continues to take advantage of whoever would listen to Him. He isn’t necessarily going and hunting people down, but He isn’t afraid to speak to whoever the Father places into His life, either.  Jesus is going to make the most of each situation.

Who is your audience?  Where do you find the people God is bringing into your life?

Second Thought:

We know how to read the signs.  Ever hear the expression, “Red at night, sailor’s delight; red in morning, sailor’s warning?”  Or maybe you have gone outside and smelled rain in the air.  Or perhaps you’ve seen all of the clouds clear out in winter and you’ve known that a cold snap was coming.  The truth is that we do know how to read the world around us.  We’re not dumb.  We can learn and adapt to much of what we put our mind to.  The question that Jesus asks in this teaching is how much we want to put our mind to God and His ways.

Are you focused on God and His ways?  Are you spending time learning to examine your life so you can live more like His ways?

Third Thought:

In the end, look at the adjective that talks about the people who behave in this manner. Jesus calls them hypocrites.  Again, this is a Greek theater word.  It means “actor.”  It means a person who puts on a face or persona that isn’t true within.  When we claim to know truth and discernment, yet we do not know God and His ways, what other word would He use to describe us?

Have you ever claimed to be wise and then got the discernment wrong?  Do you think God is in the right to call us hypocrites in these situations?  How can you avoid this in the future?

Passage for Tomorrow: Luke 12:57-59
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