Friday, June 24, 2016

Luke 12:35-40

Luke 12:35-40
Be as having girded yourselves at the hip and while lamps are burning.  And you all are like men waiting for their Lord, when he should return from the wedding feast, in order that after coming back and knocking immediately they should open for him.  Blessed are those servants, who after the lord comes he will find them watching.  Amen, I say to you that he will gird himself and he will sit them down and after coming forth he will serve them.  And should he come in the second – or even the third – watch and he should find them, they are blessed!  But know this!  If the master of the house had not known at what hour the thief comes, he would not permit his house to be broken into.  And you!  Become prepared, because you do not know the hour the Son of Man comes.

Thoughts for Today

First Thought:

Jesus tells us to “be as having girded yourselves at the hip and while lamps are burning.”  This is a really confusing statement, especially removed from His.  When we talk about girding oneself, we are talking about being dressed with a belt around the waist.  Often that belt would contain pouches for money, paper, and things like that.  It might also contain a small knife or dagger.  Jesus point is that a person who is girded is ready for normal living and being called upon.  A person with burning lams can see around them.  They can respond to the needs of others, react to danger or threats, and continue with life even in a dark world.  Jesus is telling us to be ready.  We don’t know what we’ll be asked to do.  Being prepared is part of our job.

Are you ready for action?  What has God asked of you?

Second Thought:

Next, Jesus talks to us about the servants whose master has gone away.  Notice that they continue living as if the master was still there.  Ever hear the old adage: “When the cat’s away, the mice will play?”  What Jesus is telling us is that such a statement has no place in a Christian life.  A Christian does what is expected of him or her, not because they have to but because they have a responsible character.

Are you responsible?  Do you do what is expected of you regardless of whether you are checked up on or not?

Third Thought:

Finally, Jesus makes the statement that the master of the house doesn’t know when the thief is coming.  If he did, he wouldn’t let the house get broken into.  Since we cannot know when the thief is coming, we must always be ready.  There is one sure statement about thieves in this world today.  They know our security better than we do.  They know when our guard is up and when our guard is down.  Sometimes we aren’t even aware when our guard is down!  But they do.  Coming at this from a spiritual angle, Jesus is telling us that we must be prepared.  Our spiritual guard must always be up.  We do not know when Satan – or even the world – will slip in and try and take away our faith.

Are you ready to keep the thief from stealing away your faith?  Where are your places of strength?  Where are your weaknesses?

Passage for Tomorrow: Luke 12:41-48
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