Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Luke 11:33-36

Luke 11:33-36
After lighting a candle, nobody sets it in a cellar or under a basket.  Rather, he puts it upon a candlestick in order that the ones who enter should see the light.  The candle of the body is your eye.  Whenever your eye should be good, the whole body is also full of light.  And when it is evil, your whole body is full of darkness.  Therefore, watch lest the light that is in you is darkness.  Therefore, if your whole bod is full of light – not having a part in darkness – it is wholly full of light just as the candle should give you light by its lighting.

Thoughts for Today

First Thought:

Let’s start by tying the beginning with the ending.  Jesus tells us the obvious.  When we light a candle – or in the modern world, turn on the lights – we don’t cover them up.  We turn on the lights so that we can see and let it be of use to us.  Turning on a light should make our life better and easier to live!  Jesus tells us that the same should be true about our eyes.  Our eyes and the things we see should make our life easier.

Do you believe what Jesus is teaching here?  How much of who you are is impacted by what you take in with your eyes?

Second Thought:

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression, “You are what you eat.”  Jesus is making the case here about the eyes.  If we look at things that are good for us, we will have a good example to follow.  If we read things that are good for us, we’ll see wisdom unfold in our midst.  If we use our eyes to make positive contact with others, we will be able to spread joy and peace into their lives.  When our eyes are good, our life is impacted likewise.

Where are your eyes a blessing into your life?  What do you look at that is good for you?  What do you read that is good for you?

Third Thought:

In the same manner, if our eyes are used in evil ways our life will be filled with evil.  If we watch evil and violent things, we will take on evil and violent tendencies.  If we read things that influence us poorly, we will fail to have wisdom unfold before us.  If we use our eyes to show anger and irritation to the people around us, we will spread those things into their life as well.

Where are your eyes a hindrance into your life?  What do you look at that is not good for you?  What do you read that is not good for you?

Passage for Tomorrow: Luke 11:37-44
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