Saturday, June 25, 2016

Luke 12:41-48

Luke 12:41-48
Peter said to Him, “Did you say this parable for us or for all people?”  And the Lord said, “Who, therefore, is the faithful steward who is wise, whom the Lord will appoint upon the household service – to give him his portion in due time?  Blessed is that slave, whom after his Lord shall come He will find him doing similarly.  Truly I say to you that upon all His things that He possesses He will make him a ruler.  But if that slave should say in his heart, ‘My Lord delays to come’ and he should begin to beat the young male servants and the young female servants, to eat, to drink, and also to become drunk, then the Lord of that slave will come in a day which he does not expect and an hour which he does not know.  And he will cleave him into two parts and he will set his parts in with the unfaithful.  But that slave who knew the will of his lord and after not preparing or doing his desire will be greatly beaten.  And the one who does not know, and after doing things worthy of a beating, he will be beaten lightly.  And all to whom much was being given, much will be sought from him.  And to whom much is being set in front, even more will be asked of him.

Thoughts for Today

First Thought:

Peter’s question strikes me as interesting.  Peter is concerned that Jesus told this parable for just the disciples.  Now, make sure that you get this right.  Peter isn’t asking because he thinks the disciples are better.  Peter is asking this question because he is thinking that he and the other disciples are behind the rest of the world.  Remember that this last parable that Jesus spoke about was a warning to be prepared.  Therefore, Peter is asking if everyone needs to worry about being prepared or if it is just a deficiency among the disciples.  Peter is doubting.  He is concerned.  His mind is being opened to the difference between his humanity and the ideal of Christ.

Do you ever doubt yourself and those around you?  Do you ever worry that you are behind in your development?  In what way is this a good thing and can be useful in your spiritual development?

Second Thought:

Notice that the message Jesus gives us is very much in line with the messages of the last few sections.  Those who are obedient will be rewarded.  Those who are not obedient will be punished.  We who know what we should be doing when nobody is looking bear the burden of actually doing it!  We should do the right thing because we have the character of God within us, not because we are afraid that he is watching and might punish us.

Why do you live according to the ways of God?  Have you ever done the right thing out of resentment?  What helps you do the right thing for the right reasons?

Third Thought:

Jesus ends with a very convicting message.  People who are given much need to act within that gift.  There are many people in the world who lack basic resources.  They lack access to basic knowledge of God.  God has little reason to expect great things from people in such circumstances.  However, there are some people in the world who have been given great things, great resources and great access to the knowledge of God.  These people have no excuse if they do not live within God’s will.  God has every reason to expect much from them.

Do you consider yourself richly blessed or scantly blessed?  Do you consider yourself a person who is richly working for the kingdom or scantly working for the kingdom?  How do these answers compare?

Passage for Tomorrow: Luke 12:49-53
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