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Jude 8-13

Jude 8-13
Indeed, in the same way while these ones dream dreams in one case they defile the flesh and in another case they reject authority and blaspheme against glory.  And Michael, the archangel, while disputing against the Devil was arguing regarding the body of Moses, he did not dare to pronounce a judgment of blasphemy but rather he said, “The Lord rebuke you.”  But these ones blaspheme as much as they have not known; they comprehend as much as is natural and like an animal without reason.  In these things they are corrupted and cease to exist.  Woe to them, because they behaved by the road of Cain and they dedicated themselves to the error of Balaam and they were destroyed by the rebellion of Korah.  These ones, while feasting together with you without fear, are the hidden dangers in your love feasts: caring for themselves, waterless clouds driven along by the wind, fruitless late-autumn trees after dying twice after being uprooted, a wild wave of the sea while foaming up in their own shameless deeds, wandering stars for whom the gloom of darkness is kept into eternity.

Thoughts for Today

First Thought:

In this passage Jude talks about three distinct dangers.  The first danger is defiling the flesh.  This is the pursuit of our own desires.  These are the times when we think only of ourselves and care not for what happens to the people around us.  This is the way of Cain, who out of his own passionate rage didn’t care about his brother and killed him.

Why is Jude concerned about people who only care about themselves?  What is the natural consequence in the community when we only think of ourselves?

Second Thought:

The second danger that Jude presents is the rejection of authority.  This is naturally tied to the first.  When we think only of ourselves, what reason would we have for submitting to an authority?  These are the people who rule themselves.  These are the people who make decisions based on their own logic.  These are the people who do not care about a truth that exists outside of themselves.  These are the people like Balaam, who make their mind up to do as they please without considering what is the will of God.

When are you likely to only consider your own definition of right and wrong?  Why is it important to have an authority in our life to whom we are willing to submit?

Third Thought:

The last danger that Jude present is the danger of blaspheming glory.  These are people who readily deny God in lieu of their own glory.  This is the natural consequence of rejecting authority.  After all, if we don’t think of anyone but ourselves and we reject the authority set above us, why wouldn’t we also deny any glory but our own?  Denying the glory of God and His followers begins fundamentally with thinking only of ourselves.  This is the ultimate consequence about which Jude would desire to warn us.

Do you ever deny the glory of God?  Do you ever take the glory that should be given to God and keep it for yourself?

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