Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Luke 24:44-49

Luke 24:44-49
And He said to them, “These are my words that I called out to you all yet while being with you all, since it is necessary for all the things to be fulfilled that have been written in the law of Moses, the prophets, the psalms regarding me.  Then He opened their understanding to thoroughly comprehend the writings.  And He said to them that “Similarly it has been written the Christ to suffer and to rise up out of the dead by the third day and to be proclaimed upon his name a repentance into the forgiveness of sins into all the nations after beginning from Jerusalem.  You all are testifiers of these things.  And look, I send forth the promise of my Father upon you all.  But you all sit in the city until when you all should be dress in the highest power.”

Thoughts for Today

First Thought:

Once more we hear Jesus use the word “necessary” with respect to His death.  It was necessary because it was ordained by God.  It was necessary because we couldn’t be in true relationship with God without it.  It was necessary to prove that God is more powerful than death.  It was necessary because God’s love is greater than His wrath.  It was necessary because it was a part of God’s character, not because people rose up against Jesus.

Which of the necessary reasons do you identify with the most?  Why do you think Jesus reminded His disciples so often about the fact that His death is necessary?

Second Thought:

Jesus then opens up the minds of the disciples.  This passage brings me such relief.  How many times did Jesus tell His disciples that He would die before He did?  Even after He is resurrected and appearing in front of them He still has to explain it.  In other words, Jesus’ own disciples had their dense moments.  They didn’t get it.  Even when they were told about it beforehand, they didn’t understand.  Maybe there is hope for me yet!

Do you ever feel like you don’t understand where God is moving you?  How can you find comfort in knowing that Jesus understands this and is willing to work with us in spite of the fact that we don’t often get His plan until after it happens and even after other people explain it to us?

Third Thought:

Jesus then finishes the story.  Jesus tells them that they will receive the Holy Spirit.  However, they haven’t gotten it yet.  Until they get it, Jesus wants them to stay put.  There is a really unusual message here.  Jesus would rather us do nothing other than the mundane instead of having us go out without having the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  This is an important dynamic.  So often we are frustrated in the mundane.  Here, after the resurrection, Jesus is telling His disciples to do the mundane until instructed otherwise.

Are you ever frustrated in doing the mundane?  Why do you think human beings are often unsatisfied by the mundane?  Why would Jesus prefer us to focus on the mundane rather than doing something without the guidance of the Spirit?

Passage for Tomorrow: Luke 24:50-53
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