Monday, October 3, 2016

Luke 24:36-43

Luke 24:36-43
And while they called out these things He sat in the middle of them and says to them, “Peace to you all.”  And after being terrified and after terror became they were presuming to watch a spirit with the eyes.  And He said to them, “Why are you all having been agitated and for what sake do reasons go up in your heart?  See my hands and my feet since I am He.  Feel me and see, since a spirit does not have flesh and bones just as you all watch me with your eyes while having.”  And after saying this he demonstrated to them the hands and feet.  And yet while they were unbelieving from the joy and while marveling He said to them, “Do you all have something to eat?”  And they gave to Him a part of a roasted fish.  And after taking it in their presence, He ate.

Thoughts for Today

First Thought:

Jesus comes in their presence.  Once more we see that Jesus desires to be among His disciples.  He desires to be among the people who are trying to figure out the will and the way of the Lord.  Jesus does not leave them orphaned.  As He said He would, He continues to be among them.  Jesus is trustworthy, even in circumstances that are beyond our ability to conceive.

When have you felt the presence of Jesus in your life?  Have you ever felt the presence of Jesus and been surprised?  What circumstances were you in?

Second Thought:

Notice the reaction of the disciples.  They are terrified.  They don’t understand!  They can’t possibly have expected Jesus to come into their midst.  The presence of Jesus startles them, and their first instinct is fear.  However, it is not a fear that causes them to run away or hide.  It is a fear that gets their attention.  It is a fear that heightens their senses.  It causes them to pay attention.  It is a fear that can be eased by Jesus’ simple words, “Peace be with you.”  Jesus’ presence in our life should be a challenging thing; but it is a challenging thing that His presence can bring to resolution in a good way.

Have you ever felt fear because of Jesus’ presence in your life?  Why might people consider this a bad thing?

Third Thought:

Jesus eats the fish.  This is a fairly simple point.  He eats the fish to demonstrate that He isn’t a spirit.  He is a truly resurrected human being.  Spirits have no need of fish.  This is the physical proof that He does fulfill His words.

When has God given you real physical roof of His existence?  Why can such an event mean even more than words with respect to increasing our faith and alleviating our fear?

Passage for Tomorrow: Luke 24:44-49
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