Friday, March 18, 2016

Luke 4:20-22

Luke 4:20-22
And after rolling up the book and after giving it to the owner, He sat down.  And the eyes of all were fixed upon Him.  And He began to speak to them that “Today this scripture has itself been fulfilled in your ear.”  And all were witnessing Him and they were amazed upon the teaching of grace that went out of His mouth and they were saying, “Is this not the son of Joseph?”

Thoughts for Today

First Thought:

And the eyes were all upon Him.  They knew about Jesus.  They had heard the stories.  People were talking about Him.  He had an incredible baptism.  Everywhere He had gone so far he taught about God with authority.  They were expecting Him to teach here, too.  They wanted to see what Jesus would do in their midst, just like everyone else who heard Him teach.

Have you ever anticipated God’s action?  Have you ever been in a position of hearing what God has done in the lives of others and waited to see what God would do in your life, too?

Second Thought:

I love Jesus’ message in this passage.  Today the scripture was fulfilled – even as you listened!  God doesn’t even have to do anything to fulfill scripture.  All Jesus has to do is open His mouth and read scripture and He fulfills the promise of a Messiah to come.  Yes, Jesus will do some amazing things.  But even His words are amazing.

When has God amazed you in what He has done?  When has God amazed you with His message?  When in your life have God’s very words fulfilled His promise to you?

Third Thought:

The people of Nazareth had a large obstacle in their life with which the rest of the world didn’t have to deal.  They saw Jesus grow up.  They knew Him as a boy.  They had a preconceived nothing of Jesus.  Even though Jesus taught some amazing things, they struggled to balance what they were now experiencing with what they knew in the past.  It is always difficult to overcome prior conceptions.

When have you ever struggled to see God at work because of your prior ideas?  How do you fight your own preconceived ideas when trying to draw near to God?

Passage for Tomorrow: Luke 4:23-30
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