Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Luke 3:18-20

Luke 3:18-20
Therefore, in one case while exhorting many things he proclaimed the good news to the people.  But in another case, Herod the tetrarch – being rebuked by him regarding his brother’s wife Herodias and regarding all the evil things that Herod did – added this upon everything and put John in prison.

Thoughts for Today

First Thought:

This passage reminds us about John’s focus.  In spite of everything, John proclaimed the good news of God.  To the people who came and wanted to hear, John proclaimed God’s message.  To the people who came and doubts, John proclaimed.  To the people who came against him to argue and disagree, John proclaimed.  His focus was upon God and His will.

Where is your focus?  What do you think allowed John to remain focused upon God’s message?

Second Thought:

However, John apparently did more than just proclaim God’s good news.  He was also calling out sin and naming it for what it was.  John also didn’t seem to care who he was going after.  You don’t very many people more powerful in Jerusalem at this time that Herod the king.  Herod married his brother’s wife after divorcing his own wife and having Herodias divorce his brother.  John wasn’t a person who only attacked those not in a station to fight back.  John called life as he saw it.  Sin is sin, regardless of whether you are rich or poor or powerful or lowly in station.  All have sinned.  All need to repent and turn back to God.

Do you respect John for being willing to talk about sin even if he offends important and powerful people?  Do you have such courage?  Why do you think John does?

Third Thought:

Of course, we may respect John for his conviction.  But we must also acknowledge that John suffers consequences.  When John irritates Herod, Herod has him arrested.  John goes to prison for telling the truth.  In my book, this is still reason to respect John.  But it is a lesson that we should learn.  When we are willing to speak truth regardless of who is listening, we may find ourselves irritating people who can do something about it.  We may find ourselves irritating people who can make our life miserable.  That isn’t any reason to stay quiet.  But we must accept consequences if we do desire to stand up for God.

Have you ever been afraid of speaking out for righteousness in the face of consequences?  What helps you push through any fear you might have?

Passage for Tomorrow: Luke 3:21-22
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