Sunday, October 14, 2012

2 Timothy 1:10-11

Summary retelling of 2 Timothy 1:10-11

Paul reminds Timothy that grace has been revealed through Jesus Christ.  Paul also reminds Timothy that Jesus Christ abolished death and brought eternal life through the Gospel.  Paul then is clear to Timothy that it is this Gospel for which Paul was appointed as a teacher and an apostle and a preacher. 

Thoughts for Today
First Thought:
Jesus Christ has abolished death.  Now, certainly this doesn’t mean that people don’t die.  There have been a hundred generations of people who have died since Jesus was physically on the earth.  What Jesus has abolished is the power that death has over us.  We may die, but even in death we are not separated from the love of God.  We do not need to fear anything in this life or in the time after this life is over.

What does it mean to you that the power of death has been abolished?  Does that mean that you don’t fear the dying process at all?

Second Thought:
Jesus also brought eternal life.  Prior to Jesus coming, humanity had to believe solely in God looking upon us and judging us worthy through one means or another.  We know that was a skeptical proposition at best.  However, in Jesus we really get a clear picture of what God intended.  Through Jesus we have grace.  Through grace we have the promise and gift of eternal life.  We don’t earn eternal life; Jesus has earned it for us.

Why is it important to understand that Jesus Christ earns eternal life for us?  What then is the point of doing God’s ways?  How does the knowledge that Jesus earned salvation for us change our priorities in life?

Third Thought:
Paul lists three jobs: teacher, preacher, and apostle.  Let’s take them in the reverse order as I presented it.  An apostle is one who is sent by the authority of another and someone who carries the authority of another.  Paul’s point is that he is doing this under God’s commission – as are all who follow God.  Paul also says that he is a preacher.  A preacher is someone who proclaims God’s Gospel to the world.  Paul’s point is that those who follow God are to be vocal about the faith.  The third thing that Paul says is that he is a teacher.  A teacher instills learning and behavior into another.  Paul is saying that those who follow God are responsible for being a part of God changing the lives of others.

How do these descriptions help you understand what God desires out of you?  How can these titles help you learn the areas in which you need to grow?

Passage for Tomorrow: 2 Timothy 1:12-14
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