Monday, October 8, 2012

1 Timothy 6:13-16

Summary retelling of 1 Timothy 6:13-16

Paul reminds Timothy that he is always before God and in the presence of Jesus Christ.  Thus, he should be mindful of what he does.  He should also be mindful of the fact that when Jesus was under intense pressure before Pontius Pilate he modeled being able to make the difficult choices and keep the faith.  Paul also reminds Timothy that at the proper time God will reveal Jesus Christ to the world a second time.  Paul then encourages Timothy to remember that Jesus is Sovereign, King of Kings, and Lord of Lords.  Jesus is immortal and dwells in the unapproachable light of God.  It is this God who deserves honor and it is this God who has eternal dominion.

Thoughts for Today
First Thought:
Again, Paul reminds Timothy to be mindful of what he does.  The burden of leadership is often weighty – although often with great reward.  However, one does not become a leader unless one is willing to make the difficult choices of living to a higher standard.  Jesus demonstrates this to us completely.  Jesus came and taught.  He was always among the people.  People were always demanding of Him.  He was arrested and tried.  He had to own up to the fact that He was the Christ.  He went to the cross because God asked Him to go.  Leadership is always tough and full of tough choices.  But through the Holy Spirit and with encouragement from others it can be done!

When have you had to make a tough choice because you want to demonstrate your calling to lead?  When have you failed to make a tough choice that was expected of you?  Why is it inspiring that Timothy needs to hear these words from Paul?  What does it say about Paul that he knows enough to give these words of encouragement to Timothy?

Second Thought:
Jesus will come a second time.  Jesus will appear again.  Jesus is coming back.  What’s more is that Jesus will appear at the right time.  God is in control.  God knows when that right time will be.  The King will return and demonstrate to the rulers of this world who really is the King.  The Lord will come and remind those who have power over another person who really is the Lord.

Why is it important to really understand that Lord of Lords implies that God is the true Lord and those who are “lords” in this world will be subject to Him?  In what way can this be seen as a challenge?  In what way can this be seen as a threat?  What does it mean to you that Jesus is going to appear again?  What do you think that day will be like?

Third Thought:
Dominion.  In the Greek language, this word means to exert power over or to rule.  Both of these statements are completely true about God.  God can exert His power any time.  God can dictate something and it will happen.  However, God’s power isn’t always dominating.  God’s power can work subtle through our actions as well.  Either way, God’s will is done.  It demonstrates His incredible power over us and His incredible ability to be in dominion.  Yet, at the same time it shows us that although He has the power to dominate, having dominion does not mandate that domination be exercised all the time.

What does it mean to you that God has dominion over this world?  What does it mean to you that although God has absolute power, he does not choose to dominate over us?  How can you implement these ideas into your life?

Passage for Tomorrow: 1 Timothy 6:17-19
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