Monday, April 30, 2012

Acts 13:48-52

Summary retelling of Acts 13:48-52

When the Gentiles heard about grace and that Paul and Barnabas were focusing on them, they were rejoicing.  The word of God was spreading throughout the whole region.  However, the Jews incited some powerful people to trouble Paul and Barnabas and they drove them out of the area.  Paul and Barnabas moved on to Iconium and the true disciples continued to be filled with the Holy Spirit.

Thoughts for Today
First Thought:
The Gentiles hear about Paul’s and Barnabas’ promise to teach them and they are excited.  Remember, up until this point the Jews thought that the Gentiles weren’t even worth their time unless the Gentiles wanted to convert to Judasim.  Now the Gentiles have someone willing to teach them.  So they have every reason to be excited and they begin to talk about it throughout the whole region.  The word spreads – and there is no way that it spreads only because of Paul and Barnabas.  The people – the Gentiles! – who are growing are excited about their growth and talking about it to anyone who will listen!

Why is it important to get excited about faith?  Why is it important to share our excitement with others?

Second Thought:
The Jews sense the excitement and they incite people so that it stops.  Yesterday we heard that they were jealous.  Isn’t it a shame to see how destructive jealousy can be in this life?  People are hearing about God, but because a few are jealous of the attention Paul and Barnabas are forced out of the area.

Why is jealousy so destructive?  Why is jealousy so easy to have within us?

Third Thought:
The true disciples continue to be filled with the Holy Spirit.  Here we learn that it isn’t the presence of Paul or Barnabas that is important – it is the presence of God that is really important.  Some people make it impossible for Paul and Barnabas to work, but the Holy Spirit cannot be so easily chased off.

Why do we need to be reminded that it is not the human leaders that are important but rather the Holy Spirit?  How neat is it to realize that He cannot be chased off?

Passage for Tomorrow: Acts 14:1-7
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