Friday, April 27, 2012

Acts 13:32-39

Summary retelling of Acts 13:32-39

Paul emphasizes that he and Barnabas have come to bring them the good news about Jesus Christ and how Jesus Christ has fulfilled the words of the scriptures in coming into life as well as in going through death.  Paul then points out that the big difference between Jesus and anyone else is that while Jesus died, he did not stay dead and he continues to live with God today.  Because of this fact, we can have confidence that forgiveness of sin has come to us and we are free to act out in the faithfulness of Christ.

Thoughts for Today
First Thought:
Notice that Paul makes it clear what their mission is.  They are not here to make friends, to swindle others out of money, or to make a great name for themselves.  They have come to proclaim the good news about Jesus Christ and to declare forgiveness of sins to those who believe.  There is nothing wrong with making friends and having a good time, but the message of Christ must always come first.

Why is it important to be focused – especially focused upon the right things?

Second Thought:
Paul makes a big deal about Jesus not finding corruption but being brought out of corruption.  In other letters that we have from Paul, Paul talks about Jesus as being the first fruits.  In other words, if God can do it with Christ, we can have confidence that God can do it with us, too!  We can have confidence in the forgiveness of sins!  We can have confidence in eternal life!  Not only can we, but we should!

Why is it important to remember to be confident about what God promises to us?   

Third Thought:
Paul teaches the people that we are free in Christ to act out Christ’s faithfulness.  This is an important concept.  We are not free to do whatever we want.  Just because God is really good at forgiving us doesn’t mean that we should take advantage of that and sin just so God gets more practice at being good at forgiving!  No, we are free to act out God’s will.  We are free to express our faith and invite others into such faith.  We are free to declare grace and forgiveness to the world.

Do you think people take their “freedom” too far?  How can we tell when someone is taking advantage of their “freedom?”

Passage for Tomorrow: Acts 13:40-43
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