Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Acts 12:10-11

Summary retelling of Acts 12:10-11

Peter and the angel are allowed to escape the first and the second guard.  The gates for the prison open on their own to let Peter and the angel go freely out of the prison.  The angel leaves, allowing Peter to go wherever he should choose.  Peter finally realizes that this isn’t a vision but is in fact actually happening.  He gives the credit to God.

Thoughts for Today
First Thought:
It may seem like a really small point, but it is significant that the gates open up all on their own.  This was clearly an act of God.  Had Peter had to push open the gates, this could just have been a really great escape plan.  But the fact that the iron gates open up on their own shows that a power that is able to control space and time is at work in this story.

How neat is it to be reminded that God is not bound by space and time – things which by their very nature foil us badly?

Second Thought:
Once Peter is out of the prison, the angel leaves Peter.  I’ve always thought this was a bit weird.  Why would the angel not stick beside Peter until he is safe, not just safely out of prison?  The answer lies in the fact that Peter is safe because Peter rests in God’s hands.  The angel was there to demonstrate God’s power, not to keep Peter safe.  Peter always was safe and sound regardless of where he was.

Do you need to be reminded that you are always safe in God’s hands – even when life around you seems to be anything but safe?

Third Thought:
Peter gives glory to God.  It is his first instinct.  Rather than fleeing from the prison as fast as he can, Peter’s first thought is to give glory to God.  As much as Peter may have made his share of mistakes in the Gospels, he has become quite a significant leader in the Church.

Why do you think that Peter is able to do so many of the “right things” after Jesus ascended into heaven when Peter did so many things wrong before?  On a completely different note, how important is it to remember that we are to always give praise to God – even when our life is still under potential threat?

Passage for Tomorrow: Acts 12:12-17
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