Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Acts 10:17-20

Summary retelling of Acts 10:17-20

After the visions go away, Peter remains perplexed and tries to understand what they mean.  The men from Cornelius come to town and they asked for directions to the house where Peter is staying.  When they get to the house they call out and ask if Peter is there.  The Holy Spirit speaks to Peter and tells him that three men are coming to seek him out.  The Holy Spirit tells Peter to go with them without any kind of hesitation because they were sent by the Holy Spirit.

Thoughts for Today
First Thought:
Peter is still trying to figure out what the visions mean.  Sometimes understanding God takes some time.  There are also some lessons that are more easily learned through living them rather than being told the lessons.  Thankfully, God knows this and understands this about humanity.

Why do you think it takes us time to learn some lessons?  Do you think this is a bad thing?

Second Thought:
The men from Cornelius arrive in town.  They ask around to find where Peter happens to be.  Remember, this is a day and an age without postal numbers, street names, and signs pointing directions.  They are determined to accomplish the will of their master.  God’s work takes determination.

Where do you excel in determination?  Where do you struggle with determination?  How does this relate to spirituality?

Third Thought:
The Holy Spirit comes to Peter and tells him to go with these people.  Remember, one of them is a Roman soldier.  All of them are Gentiles.  This is Peter’s second clue that God is up to something new.  (The first clue is the vision.)

How many clues do you typically need from God before you understand an idea that He’s trying to teach to you?  How much does “tradition” or “unusualness” affect how quickly you learn from God?

Passage for Tomorrow: Acts 10:21-23
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