Thursday, March 8, 2012

Acts 8:18-19

Summary retelling of Acts 8: 18-19:

Simon sees Peter and John come on the scene and take charge.  He sees that they can give something to people that makes a genuine difference in their lives.  Since Simon is well versed in the ways of the world, Simon offers Peter and John money for the ability that they have.  Simon wants this power so that he can distribute the Holy Spirit as well.

Thoughts for Today:
First Thought:
Clearly, Simon is interested in the bottom line.  He’s interested in the profit margin.  He sees a skill that if he can learn it then he can make a ton of money off of it.  Simon is looking at the things of God and determining how to profit.  It is sad to say, but unfortunately many people continue this sin.  There are many people out there that look to simply make a profit off of true faith.

Have you experience people who seem to be interested in faith just for the money that they can swindle out of other people?  What can you do to prevent people from being swindled by pseudo-religious charlatans?

Second Thought:
It is also sad to see that Simon has missed the point up until now.  God’s grace is free.  The Holy Spirit is free.  You don’t have to buy it, all you have to do is receive it!  It is interesting to think about the fact that Simon is trying to find a way to make a profit off of something that is free!  {As an aside, I just recently watched the Lorax movie.  This is no different than the main character that runs the city by selling “quality air.”}

Why is it important to remember that the Holy Spirit is freely given?  If the Holy Spirit is freely given, then what is the real point of doing things like taking up offerings in church?

Passage for Tomorrow: Acts 8:20-21
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