Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Acts 8:32-35

Summary retelling of Acts 8: 32-35:

Today we hear the quote from Isaiah 53:7-8.  That passage tells us that an innocent man was led to a slaughter.  He did not open his mouth in his own defense.  Justice was denied him and the generation that judged him is utterly indescribable.  The eunuch asks Philip what the passage means, and Philip begins to talk to the eunuch about Jesus Christ.

Thoughts for Today:
First Thought:
Again we see the importance of knowing scripture.  In fact, we see it in a two-fold manner here.  First, we see the importance that Philip knows scripture so that he can speak meaningfully about it to the eunuch.  We also see the importance of knowing scripture because it helps us believe that Jesus actually was who he claimed to be.  Passages like Isaiah 53 help us believe that God can do what He promises to accomplish.

How much do you value knowing scripture in your life?  How much effort do you put into knowing scripture?

Second Thought:
Let’s focus for a second on the Isaiah passage.  Jesus was led to a slaughter.  He did not honestly defend Himself.  He did not open up His mouth to try and stop what was happening.  He knew what God could do with it once this act exposed the depravity of humanity.  Jesus allowed Himself to be crucified so that the sickness of humanity could be revealed.  Human beings can take the most perfect thing in the world and seek its destruction because it threatens our self-worth, our power, and our control.  Jesus died for us – to show us who we really are.

Have you thought about how Jesus’ crucifixion exposes humanity’s sickness in these terms before? How does it make you feel to be part of a race that can be so destructive towards one another – even towards the good people?

Third Thought:
Philip opens up the Ethiopian eunuch’s mind.  Or rather, I should say that God uses Philip to open up the eunuch’s mind.  Philip isn’t afraid of speaking the truth.  Philip isn’t afraid of talking about Jesus, His death, and His resurrection.  Philip is fearless in this passage.  Philip is emboldened by the Holy Spirit and he doesn’t hold back.

Would you like to be known as fearless in the faith?  How can you become that fearless?

Passage for Tomorrow: Acts 8:36-38
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