Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Acts 9:32-35

Summary retelling of Acts 9:32-35

As peace settles in on the church, Peter begins to journey in the areas around Jerusalem.  Peter comes to Lydda, a town towards the Mediterranean Sea as you leave Jerusalem.  He comes across a man named Aeneas, who had been bedridden for eight years due to being paralyzed.  Peter commanded him to rise up and walk in the name of Jesus Christ and he did.  Everyone in Lydda and the nearby town of Sharon was amazed and turned to God.

Thoughts for Today
First Thought:
Peter does not sit still well.  In the time of peace, Peter takes the opportunity to go out and about in the surrounding areas.  He is actively looking for people with whom he can share the favor of the Lord.  This is one feature of the true disciple of Jesus.  The true disciple is always looking for an opportunity to share Jesus with someone.

Do you find that you care more about God in times of peace in your life or in times of stress?  Why is it important to take advantage of peace as the prime times to go out and be assertive about doing the work of the Lord?

Second Thought:
Peter comes across a man who is in need of seeing the power of God in his midst.  Peter tells Aeneas to get up and walk around.  He tells Aeneas to stop being paralyzed.  Perhaps most importantly, Peter does it in the name of Christ.  There can be no doubt that although Peter is the vessel, it is God who is at work in this story.

When someone does something noteworthy in your midst, are you likely to be impressed with the person or with God?

Third Thought:
When the people of Lydda see the work of God through Aeneas, they turn to the Lord.  This is ultimately the true focal point of the healing – of all healings.  Yes, Aeneas can walk again and that is a great side benefit for him.  But the important part of the story isn’t that Aeneas was healed, it is that through God’s work in Aeneas people turn to the Lord.  When God heals people, it is so that His power is displayed and people turn to Him.

Do you normally think of healings as happening for this reason?  Are you tempted to see the healing as having the primary focus upon the person being healed instead of upon God?

Passage for Tomorrow: Acts 9: 36-39
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