Sunday, March 4, 2012

Acts 8:4-8

Summary retelling of Acts 8: 4-8:

Here we have confirmation that the people who were scattered continued to preach even as they fled Jerusalem.  Philip went to Samaria and preached Christ to them.  Crowds came and listened to what he had to say and see what God was doing through him.  There was great joy in Samaria because through Philip God was healing many people who were in need of His presence.

Thoughts for Today:
First Thought:
The first lesson that we learn is that there is no bad time.  Even as the followers of Jesus are fleeing for their life, they use it as an opportunity to preach.  Remember, they are being persecuted for their belief, yet it is this same belief that they are preaching!  If they were really fleeing to save their own skin, they sure wouldn’t be vocal about preaching it when they arrive as newcomers at their destination.  As I said, there is no bad time.  There is no circumstance that God cannot use.  Even in danger, trouble, toil, or snare – it is possible to be God’s people.

How open are you to being God’s servant regardless of the trouble you find yourself in?  Do you have a tendency to only step out in your faith when you are in a position of safety?

Second Thought:
Not only do these people go out and preach, they go out and preach Christ.  They go out and talk about the life-giver Himself.  They talk about salvation coming to earth.  They could have talked about anything – even gossiping about what was happening in Jerusalem.  But no, they talk about Jesus.

How good are you at doing this?  When you go out and talk to people, do you spend most of your time talking about things that interest you – and therefore things that advance your own agenda?  Or do you spend your time trying to relate Jesus Christ to the lives of others around you?

Third Thought:
Philip lands in Samaria and God starts doing some amazing stuff with him.  Keep in mind, this is likely Philip – the one chosen in Acts 7 along with Stephen – and not Philip the disciple since we were told a few verses ago that the apostles stayed in Jerusalem.  So here we have a clear example of someone who is not one of the original disciples who is doing things like healing people and casting out demons.  Or – perhaps more importantly – I should say we have a person that God is doing those things through them.  And that’s the point.  God can work through anyone in any manner that He sees fit.  We are simply to make ourselves ready.

In what ways do you make yourself ready?  In what ways do you tell God that you are ready to be used?  Do you even think of yourself as someone that God is ready and willing to use?

Passage for Tomorrow: Acts 8:9-11
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