Thursday, May 12, 2016

Luke 9:1-6

Luke 9:1-6
And after calling the twelve together he gave power and authority to them upon all demons and to cure disease.  And He send them out to preach the kingdom of God and to heal.  And He said to them, “Do not take anything into the way – neither a staff nor a sack of provisions nor bread nor silver and do not have two tunics.  And whichever house you all should enter, remain there until you all should go out from that place.  And as many as who should not receive you all, while going out from that city shake even the dust off of your feet into a witness upon them.”  And while going out, they departed into the towns while proclaiming the Gospel and healing everywhere.

Thoughts for Today

First Thought:

Jesus commissions the twelve.  He sends them out to preach and to heal.  In other words, Jesus sends them out to imitate Him.  Up until now, Jesus has gone around from location to location teaching and preaching and healing.  However, notice that Jesus doesn’t just commission them He empowers them.  When we live in such a way as to imitate Christ, it should make sense that He will empower us to do His will and become like Christ.

How has the Father empowered you to be like the Son?  How do you imitate Christ?

Second Thought:

Jesus sends out the twelve remarkably unequipped in terms of worldly possessions.  They don’t get to take extra clothes.  They don’t get to take money.  They don’t get to take a staff for defense.  They don’t even get to take provisions of food.  I think Jesus is making a highly symbolic point through a very literal means.  Jesus is telling the disciples that they need to rely upon the Father to provide for them.  As human beings, we so easily rely upon our own efforts and our own planning.  Jesus wants the twelve to develop trust in the Father’s ability to provide.

How does the Father provide for you?  How has the Father gotten your trust?

Third Thought:

Jesus then teaches us about receptivity.  Once more we see a story where Jesus teaches that we are to go to those who are willing to listen and not worry about those who don’t.  Granted, Jesus doesn’t tell us to abuse those who don’t listen.  He doesn’t tell us to attack the people who don’t listen.  But He does tell us to not feel bad about leaving behind people who don’t listen.  Rather, we are to focus on those who listen.  When we are welcomed, we need to stay with those people as long as the opportunity is there.

Where are you welcome?  How good are you at staying where God has opened doors for you?  Where have you experienced rejection?  How good are you at walking away without carrying the rejection with you?

Passage for Tomorrow: Luke 9:7-9
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