Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Luke 8:49-50

Luke 8:49-50
While he still spoke, someone came to the ruler of the synagogue while saying that, “Your daughter has died.  No longer trouble the teacher.”  But after Jesus heard, He answered to Him, “Do not fear.  Believe only.  Even she will be saved.”

Thoughts for Today

First Thought:

While Jesus was dealing with this unknown and unnamed woman, people come up and deliver bad news to Jairus.  It is neat that this news interrupts Jesus’ time with this woman.  This woman interrupted Jesus’ time with Jairus and now her time is likewise interrupted.  What this does is to link the two incidents in even more closely together.  The woman found her relief and salvation.  Jairus and his daughter will feel salvation, too.

Do you ever find that God works in other people’s lives in similar fashion and at similar times as He works in yours?  How can we lean on each other’s testimony for strength in God’s power?

Second Thought:

The people who come to Jairus tell Jairus to no longer trouble Jesus.  Of course, this makes sense from a worldly perspective.  How many dead people do we typically experience rising from the dead?  But Jesus knows better.  He is never troubled by putting God’s love and power on display!  Jairus’ people may not know any better; but Jesus does.  Jesus is put off by our lack of faith and our doubts.  He is about the will of the Father.

When does your humanity ever get in the way of what God is trying to do?  Why is it hard for us to live out our faith and not live out of our reality around us?

Third Thought:

As we look at Jesus’ assertion to Jairus, we must be careful.  Jesus isn’t testing Jairus.  He isn’t saying, “If you believe enough, I’ll save her.”  Jesus already knows that she will be spared from death.  Jesus is giving to Jairus some practical advice for living.  If we are following God, fear has no place in our life.  Even if things are going poorly, what’s the point in walking with God if we don’t believe that in the end He will make all things right?  With God, even when we mourn we have faith.  Even when life conspires against us, we have faith.  Even when people bring terrible news into our life, we have faith.  There is no need to fear.  God hasn’t failed anyone yet.  He’s not about to start with Jairus.

Do you ever fear?  Why is fear natural?  How do we let God’s love for us drive out fear?

Passage for Tomorrow: Luke 8:51-56
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