Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Luke 8:22-25

Luke 8:22-25
And it became in one of the days, He and His disciples entered into a boat and He said to them, “We should cross over into the other side of the lake.”  And they put out to sea.  And while they sailed, He fell asleep.  And a storm of wind came down upon the lake.  And they were being filled and they were in danger.  And after coming to Him they woke Him while saying, “Master!  Master! We are destroyed!”  But the one who woke rebuked the wind and the rage of water.  And they ceased and it became calm.  He said to them, “Where is your faith?”  And after being afraid, they marveled while saying to each other, “Who is this, since even He commands the wind and water and they obey Him?”

Thoughts for Today

First Thought:

I love these passages where Jesus crosses the water.  Water is almost always a symbol of turmoil or stress in ancient literature, and Jesus seems to comprehend that.  Let me spin the story.  Jesus tells these people to get in a boat.  He’s God, so He can’t help but know what is going to happen.  But He still goes and takes a nap!  He knows a violent storm will kick up.  So He takes a nap and allows the disciples to see what their inner self is truly like.  He naps so that the disciples will come face to face with their mortality and their need for Jesus.  I love how Jesus can even use nature and our response to it in order to reveal something about ourselves.

Where has Jesus been able to teach you about yourself through using nature and the world around you?  Does it surprise you to see Jesus not worried enough to take a nap when He knows that danger is coming against the disciples?

Second Thought:

The disciples do come to Jesus when they face their mortality.  Remember, a number of these disciples are fishermen.  They are accustomed to being in boats!  I love their description of their condition, too.  They confess that they are destroyed.  They are lost and they know it.  Their life is forfeit.  Is there any better description of any of us?  Are any of us not lost?  Are any of us not destroyed in our sinfulness?  Of course we are.  We need to turn to Jesus in the midst of our destruction, too.

Have you ever faced your destruction?  Have you realized your true need for Christ?

Third Thought:

Jesus rebukes the wind.  Have you ever tried this?  I have.  I remember standing as a child in the middle of a blizzard as I walked home from a friend’s house.  I didn’t have far to go.  But the wind stung.  I was blinded by snow.  It was hard to keep my direction.  So I yelled at the wind and told it to stop.  Remarkably, it didn’t even acknowledge my presence!  I’ve yelled at the rain while driving.  I’ve chastised tornadoes as they assaulted the towns I’ve lived in.  They never listen.  Yet Jesus does it one time and the world takes notice!  That’s because He’s God.  No wonder the disciples take notice, marvel, and even have some fear.  Jesus can command even the fundamental elements of the world around us.  Unfortunately, so often we are quick to doubt the power of the God who created the world around us.

Have you ever been amazed by the power of Jesus?  Have you ever doubted the power of God to affect the world around you?

Passage for Tomorrow: Luke 8:26-29
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