Friday, April 29, 2016

Luke 8:9-10

Luke 8:9-10
And His disciples where inquiring from Him what these same parables might be.  And Jesus said, “To you all, it has been given to know the mysteries of the kingdom of God.   And to the remaining ones, in parables in order that while seeing they should not see and while hearing they should not understand.”

Thoughts for Today

First Thought:

Jesus’ disciples ask when they don’t understand.  This is an incredibly important understanding.  This is what disciples do.  Disciples have a mentor to ask when they don’t understand something. Disciples allow their questions to be funneled to a person who can answer them – or at least guide them in a direction that they get answered.

Do you ask questions when you have them about faith?  Do you ever not ask a question?  What gets in the way of asking a question?  How can that same thing translate into a lack of spiritual growth?

Second Thought:

I find it interesting to hear Jesus say, “To you, it has been given…”  Is Jesus saying that these disciples were specially selected by God and were destined to be in this place?  I don’t think that is what Jesus means here.  After all, such a position would challenge their free will.  What I think Jesus is saying here is a commentary on how this section of verses opens.  The disciples inquired.  Because they inquired, they are given deeper knowledge.  Because they inquired, they get better understanding.  Because they inquired, they get a better perspective on the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven.  I don’t believe they were any ore chosen than the rest of the world could have been.  I believe they are being rewarded for showing initiative in their spiritual growth.

Do you feel like you have been granted a better perspective and understanding regarding the mystery of the kingdom of God?  How has this happened for you?

Third Thought:

I’ll never forget the day that I sat at the feet of a skilled teacher who challenged me to see the truth in these words.  I always understood the meaning that I fleshed out in my second thought.  But I never allowed myself to go further until I was challenged to do so.  Jesus is telling His disciples here that He is speaking in parables to sort and sift through the crowds.  After all, true disciples ask questions.  So how do we know if someone is a true disciple?  When you teach, true disciples as questions.  People who hear but don’t want to be a disciple are content hearing but not understanding and not truly seeing.  So why does Jesus teach in parables?  Why does Jesus teach things that don’t always seem as clear as they could be?  Jesus wants to know who really wants to be a disciple.  He wants to know who will step up and take ownership of growing where they don’t understand and who is content in their lack of understanding.  Furthermore, it seems as though Jesus is willing to let those who are content not growing to remain in that state until they are ready.

Why is it smart to teach in a way that leaves room for deeper teaching later on?  Do you think Jesus is being fair in employing this technique?

Passage for Tomorrow: Luke 8:11-15
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