Saturday, April 30, 2016

Luke 8:11-15

Luke 8:11-15
And this is the parable.  The seed is the Word of God.  And the ones along the road is that which was heard and then the Devil comes and takes the Word away from their heart in order that they should not be saved after believing.  And the ones upon the rock are the ones that when they should hear with joy after receiving the Word.  And these do not have roots.  These believe for a season and they are removed in a season of temptation.  And the ones that fall into the thorns, these are the ones who hear and while going about life they are utterly choked by anxiety and wealth and the pleasures of living and they do not bring their fruit to harvest.  And the ones in the good earth, these are the ones who are excellent and good in the heart.  They hold fast after hearing the Word and they bear fruit in patient endurance.

Thoughts for Today

NOTE: If you want commentary on the parable itself, please read the blog posts over the prior days.

First Thought:

I’d like to lift up a couple of unique ideas that are present in Jesus’ explanation but not present in the actual parable.  First of all, look at the intentions lifted up by Jesus about the work of the Devil.  Why does Satan interfere with God’s work of salvation?  Satan just wants us to not find salvation.  Satan isn’t looking to make a bigger army than God has.  Satan is not looking to prove to God that He can get more followers.  Satan is simply trying to disrupt God’s work.  He wants us to be condemned.  That is rather significant.

Do you ever think that Satan is trying to win you from God in order to get you to follow Him?  How is that different from simply wanting you to not find salvation?

Second Thought:

Lets also look at Jesus’ comments on the seed in the rocky soil.  What is it that Jesus says chokes out faith?  Anxiety.  Yeah, that’s not a surprise.  Worry and anxiety is an indicator that we are having trouble relying upon God’s provision.  But the next two smack the world’s perspective in the faith.  Wealth chokes out faith.  After all, when we have wealth, do we need God’s provision?  The last example Jesus gives us is equally as surprising.  The pleasure of living chokes out faith.  Let’s face it.  When our life is comfortable and easy, do we really need God?  Jesus shocks us here.  He tells us two things that most human beings spent their life pursuing.  He tells us that those very things are not all that good for us even though we have convinced ourselves that they are.

What comforts of life do you pursue?  How can those interfere with your pursuit of faith?

Third Thought:

As for the seed in the good earth, look at what Jesus says here.  Yes, they bear fruit.  But they bear fruit in patient endurance.  They bear fruit in the midst of difficult circumstances.  They bear fruit because they are relying upon God.

Does it make sense that people in difficult circumstances could bear fruit?  How does this contradict human logic?

Passage for Tomorrow: Luke 8:16-18
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