Monday, May 28, 2012

Acts 18:1-4

Summary retelling of Acts 18:1-4

Paul leaves Athens and heads to Corinth.  He meets Aquila and his wife Priscilla (Sometimes she is called Prisca, which is like calling someone named Elizabeth “Liz” or “Lizzy.”).  They were natives to Rome, but Emperor Claudius had made an edict telling every Jew to get out of Rome.  They must have been tentmakers, because Paul was a tentmaker and they were the same trade as him.  In Corinth, Paul continued to go into the synagogues and talk about Jesus Christ.

Thoughts for Today
First Thought:
Paul meets Aquilla and Priscilla.  This is an important couple in the faith and we will see them here, in Ephesus, and Paul even refers to them as being a part of the church in Rome once again as attested by Paul’s letter to the Roman Church.  (See Romans16:3)  Yet, this meeting in Corinth happens only because Claudius gave an edict kicking out all of the Jews from within Rome.  Paul finds a very important married couple with whom to partner up in the faith because of what seemed at the time to be a blatant act of persecution against the Jews.  God is great enough so as to be able to use persecution to advance His own agenda.  (Remember the stoning of Stephen and how God used that?)

Why is it important for us to remember that God uses the negative moments in our life as well as the positive moments?

Second Thought:
We don’t hear too much about Aquila and Priscilla in the Bible, but we do know that they are a married couple dedicated to the faith.  They are both concerned about promoting God in their community.  It is so important for both adult members of a family to promote an active faith life.  Living according to God’s Word in this world is tough enough.  It is far harder to live when one person is trying to be spiritual and there isn’t spiritual support coming from the spouse.

Do you think most Christians underestimate the importance of faith when looking for a spouse?  Why might this be true?

Third Thought:
Paul continues to go into the synagogue.  This isn’t so much a spiritual comment as it is a set-up for what we will read tomorrow.  But we can say that Paul continues to use his tried and true methods.  He has always sought out Jews when entering a town.  He continues the pattern here.  Until God makes it clear that he is to do something else, Paul is faithful to the call.

Do you find faithfulness hard or easy?  What areas in your life are easy to have faithfulness?  What areas do you struggle in having faithfulness?

Passage for Tomorrow: Acts 18:5-8
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