Saturday, May 5, 2012

Acts 14:24-28

Summary retelling of Acts 14:24-28

Paul and Barnabas continue on their way back home to Antioch.  When they arrived in Antioch the Christians commended them for the good work that they had done.  When Paul and Barnabas get to Antioch, one of the first places they go is the church (gathering of the believers).  There Paul and Barnabas talk about all the good things that God had done and that God was continuing to open up the path to converting the Gentiles.  Paul and Barnabas stayed in Antioch for a long while.

Thoughts for Today
First Thought:
Paul and Barnabas head to church when they get back to Antioch.  They want to be in the fellowship of other believers.  They can’t wait to get among people who will understand the significance of the work that God is doing in this world.

When has it been important for you to be among the fellowship of the believers?

Second Thought:
When Paul and Barnabas return home, they are welcomed heartily.  The people in Antioch are proud of the work of Paul and Barnabas.  They are encouraged by the fruit of the Holy Spirit found among the work they’ve done.  They are excited about the inclusion of the Gentiles.  All in all, the reunion is quite pleasant.

Why are we uplifted by the success of others? 

Third Thought:
One of the things that Paul and Barnabas focus on is how the door continues to be open to the Gentiles.  Paul and Barnabas continue to stretch the people.  The Christians in Antioch were open to the idea of the inclusion of the Gentiles, but it was still a new idea to them.  Paul and Barnabas talk about the Gentiles to help keep the Christians in Antioch growing.

Why is it good to stretch our faith and then keep coming back to the places where we have been stretched?  Is it good to have people in our life who keep reinforcing our being stretched?

Passage for Tomorrow: Acts 15:1-5
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